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Welcome sense and be captivated by the smell, sight, hearing and touch in a luxurious and elegant soft-spoken intimate setting. We invite you to relax and revitalize with a variety of therapies designed to meet the diverse needs of men and women..

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Relaxing massage by professional staff, they are used to solve various problems and to provide benefits can be seen immediately. In muscular problems such as contractures, they provide immediate relief because the muscle fibers work to relax the muscle and relieve the pain caused by prolonged unnatural posture or sudden movements that damage muscles and cause severe pain, while the muscles recover elasticity and normal to disappear stress points tone.

Both Men And Women Can Equally Enjoy The Benefits Of A Manicure.

The manicure is embellishment and hand care, It is not necessary that the nails are long, super colored and wonderful, it is sufficient that are well maintained to complete the overall appearance. A full manicure is attractive for oneself and for others.


Hot Stone For Unified, Coordinated, Integrated Body And Mind

Hot stone massage is especially massage that uses smooth, heated stones. It is a soothing break from deepig massage. The heat helps release tight mussels and recharge your energy levels or release toxins improve blood circulation.


Improve Performance And Prevent Injuries With A Sport Masssage

Sports massage consists of a series of maneuvers performed as preparation method for tissue, and treatment of post competition tissue and control tissue from each sporting activity.


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unlimited luxury for mind, body, and soul
Another benefit of this the massage is that it helps improve circulation and digestive system, then moves fat deposits and muscle mass that can lead settled years in your body

 Reductive Massage Services


Reductive massage is stronger than conventional massage technique. arms, torso, hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen work. The idea is to shape the figure, reduce excess fat and remove cellulite and toxins, promoting clean the body resulting in reduction measures.


Our combination of reflexology and Thai will take care to balance your whole body working trigger points known for its analgesic potential, together with peppermint oil will revitalize your body from the soles of the feet.

   Deep Cleansing Facial

Nothing more important than a facial, so we excel in it. we deep extractions with a fantastic success, no marks or irritation, leaving skin really clean.

   Alternative Therapies


Based on ancient techniques of Chinese medicine and Thai culture we create treatments in order to deepen the health of our customers looking for an energy balance which improve the physical and mental vitality.

 Home Visit Facials


Luminessence natural cosmetic products made with ingredients from the four corners of the Land. All our ingredients are biodegradable and come from renewable plant sources and certifications under ISO (International Organization for Standardizations) standards.

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About Jaco Massage Service

 where you will feel unique and special

Since 2010, JacoMassage.net has been providing high quality Massage treatment services at your doors. We believe in providing high quality, safe and healthy spa experience at the confort of your house.

Every individual is unique! Therefore, treatment should be specifically designed to meet that individual’s needs and expectations.

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Best Medispa in Town!

Thanks for the massage I have really enjoyed it and I hope to contact you guys again next year.

- Andrea
August 15, 2017

Best in Town!

I want to thank Rachel and Naomi for the couples massage, my wife and I are very happy with your massage and we’ll be back soon

- Mike
July 12, 2017

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We Have Highly Trained Professional Masseurs Complete solution that includes healing your entire body, All massages are performed in a regular hotel room, please let us know if really a massage table is needed

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