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Exfoliation body. The skin regenerates naturally constantly forming new cells and removing dead celuals, these cells produce desquamation and if not eliminated prevent good regeneration of the epidermis and the penetration of products that can be applied to the skin. Exfoliation is the process by which we help the process of regeneration of the skin by removing dead skin cells and make way for new ones.

“The results can be: A more uniform and radiant skin, smaller pores, the spots disappear or become clear. Depending on the exfoliation can improve fine lines and improvement in the appearance of scars, the skin looks healthy and vibrant, the results are temporary and body scrubs intensity depending on how long they last. The deeper exfoliation is longer lasting results, and in some cases the skin can produce more collagen making it look younger and fresher

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We Have Highly Trained Professional Masseurs Complete solution that includes healing your entire body, All massages are performed in a regular hotel room, please let us know if really a massage table is needed

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